A little about me

I believe magic happens when one is in a pure state of being. Everytime I have observed that complete presence creates inexplicable beauty. This is my endeavour through my art.

What travels the fastest? Mind? But when you surpass the working mind something beautiful happens. This is what I try to do with my art. Go to that state which is beyond the mind we know.  Create in that state where the reserve of memory is not accessed. This state is unsullied by memory or any identification. My goal is to harness the true power of that state. Reaching for the ‘chitta.’ Chitta shakti is associated with the ida nadi through which the mental energy flows. When ida nadi is free from blockages chitta shakti flows freely. To achieve this state my practice involves yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation.

Beauty lies beyond the logical dimension of thought called ‘mind.’ This mind is an impressive and intelligent tool but going deeper in inner work surpassing the active mind opens the door to truth. This awakening is my lifelong quest.

In my work, I seek inspiration from nature and humans.  I love to work in oil, acrylic, graphite and charcoal medium.

I feel blessed for all my commissioned paintings for clients all over the world. Aside from working on my paintings, I am passionate about conducting fun workshops for all ages and ethnicities.

Every painting has a soul of its own. In every painting, you will see beauty and meditation. This is my promise. This is my commitment. When my painting is sent to the world, I feel I have sent a silent witness to the space for inspiration. My paintings would bring you to the moment and show you the beauty of presence and love. You will see divine silence and union in my work. In conclusion, I want to say, I am not the owner of anything. I am just a medium to express and serve.

You will experience authenticity, spontaneity, and fun while dealing with me. Because that is who I am.

I am not a big enthusiast of formal education but got very lucky to manage degrees in Philosophy and Management. When I am not painting, you might find me singing, dancing or praying. I feel blessed to be an ardent practitioner of Baul music which is a spiritual form of music from the regions of Bengal.

 For bookings and inquiries, you can write at contact@anamikapaul.com or connect with me at +919920067759.