"My kids learned a lot in these classes with Anamika. She is professional in coaching the painting skills, and in communicating. I recommended Anamika for coaching painting for the kids. They will love painting after attending her classes."

- Hassan Allomari, Dubai

“My daughter loves her online lessons with Anamika. The classes are well planned with detailed demos. I highly recommend Anamika.

-Aiman Hussain, Dubai

“The painting classes are really fun. It is amazing to see my kid learn different techniques in painting. I am equally excited as her for the lessons.”

-Nisrine, Abu Dhabi

"We are extremely happy with the classes. It's easy and practical. We definitely recommend it."

-Breno, Dubai

Art classes with Anamika is a joyful time for my daughter. With her guidance, she enjoys drawing and discovering new ideas. She is having a quality time doing something creative.

-Feda Duhair, Abu Dhabi

We are very happy. My daughter is ecstatic every time she gets to paint or draw something. The classes are very kid-friendly and tailored to their preferences. The teacher is very calm and patient with them.

-Monica Dascal, Dubai

I am very happy of how the teacher lead the students and ask for their inputs. My daughter is learning and enjoying it a lot. I am happy wit the way it is going.

Nathalie , Dubai

You're welcome to join my art workshops.  A series of fun workshops of engagement, exploration, and expression through creativity. 

Packages for kids

Age - 5 years to 13 years

Drawing group (8 classes package)

Tuesdays & Thursdays 5.30 pm GST

80 aed (one session) CLICK HERE TO BOOK

395 aed (8 sessions) CLICK HERE TO BOOK


    1. Create 8 delightful drawings 

    2. Learn the elements of art - Line, Shape, Form, Color, Space, and Texture.

    3. Learn the principles of art - scale, proportion, unity, variety, rhythm, mass, shape, space, balance, volume, perspective, and depth.

    4. Principles of compositions

    5. Linear & ariel perspectives

    6. Learn the concepts of light & shadow

    7. Draw interesting subjects like Animals, Birds, Objects, Landscapes, Cartoon Characters, Anime Characters, Unicorns,  etc.                                                                                                                              This drawing course will cultivate critical thinking skills, develop hand-eye coordination, and motor abilities. Learn Color Theory. Creative coloring method using crayons like layering, textures, and gradients. Principles of foreground, mid-ground, and background in your drawings. Learn easy and time-tested unique drawing methodology. You will see the quality of the drawing improve from the first lesson itself.
1. Brief introduction of the subject of drawing
2. Breaking down the steps to make the drawing process easy
3. Live step-by-step process by the instructor
4. Flexibility in the pace of class depending on the audience
5. Easy break down of the steps of drawing and coloring
6. Importance to the aesthetics of the drawing
7. Exciting and passionate method of teaching guaranteed


Anyone can join my workshops. You will be delighted to discover art as a medium of expression.

Creativity can help boost your emotional well-being too.

Classes are held ONLINE so anyone from any part of the world can sign up. VOILA!


Engagement with original content

Positively impact kids by real-time feedback

Helps them improve their decision-making skills

Understands the importance of time-management


50 minutes. As the classes are held via Zoom it is best to have a viable duration which is comfortable and convenient for the learner. especially of tender age.    You will receive weekly schedule through Whatsapp or email.


Yes of course. I design the classes for kids with a long-term learning possibilities.


As the classes are held online, you have to arrange for the materials. 

Materials needed are A4 size drawing paper, pencil, eraser, ruler, color pencils/markers/crayons.


You will also receive access to a ton of resources on the section you have signed up for. 

To register please email at or Whatsapp at +971 50 128 6969. Spots are limited so book soon to avoid disappointments.

Acrylic Painting for kids - group (8 classes package)

Mondays & Wednesdays 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm GST

80 aed (one session) CLICK HERE TO BOOK

395 aed (8 sessions) CLICK TO BOOK


Learning acrylic painting is both exciting and rewarding for kids. With guidance from a professional artist, you will be delighted to see your kid come out with masterpieces in no time. These classes are beginner-friendly and specially designed for kids aged 5 years to 13 years. With proper training, your kid will be able to nurture and develop the painting skills which can be very useful for the future too. The instructor is also trained in communication which is evident from her clear and concise step-by-step guidance which the kids are able to easily follow and enjoy. 

This course is perfect for kids to begin their artistic journey into creative thinking and expressions. These live online classes inspire the kids to have tons of fun and get creative!

Number of lessons in the course - 8. Each session is for one hour.

Outline of the Course

1. Create unique 8 amazing acrylic paintings.

2. Understanding of different color schemes and how to use the limited color palette

3. Color mixing techniques

4. Varied subjects popular with kids like Unicorns, Animals, Landscapes, Galaxy, Figures, Abstract, and Characters.

5. Different techniques like underpainting, blocking in,  washes, gradient, glazing, stippling, splattering, sgraffito, dry brushing, building up texture.

6. Brush techniques like outlining, blending, double loading, radiating, impressionist brush strokes, single-stroke painting, etc.

7. Basic understanding of different types of brushes to use like round brush, flat brush, liner brush.

Requirements and art supplies needed for this course

Students will need a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and an internet connection.

Art supplies - A4 size acrylic paper or 25 x 30 cm sized canvas (any size closer would do), a few brushes (Flat brush (1 or 1.5 inch), round brush (Size 2, 6), fine-tip brush (Size 0), a piece of art sponge, a set of acrylic paints, pencil, eraser, water can, paper towels & a small piece of cardboard.

Why should a kid learn drawing/painting?

Gets the creative juices flowing

Develops confidence & boosts self-esteem

Develops a sense of shape, forms, textures, and colors.

Improves memory

Expression of emotions

Increases emotional intelligence

Develops communication skills

Develops observation skills

Tons of fun!